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Master of Integrative and Functional Medicine

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Course Instructor(s):Dr. Wayne Sodano, Charles Gant, Delilah Renegar, Alvin Danenberg.


The European university, Efhre International University and the College of Integrative Medicine have collaborated to offer you a Master of Integrative and Functional Medicine totally on line and available in English on the EIU website.  Through EIU, students earn the required 60 credits to obtain their Master of Integrative and Functional Medicine.  These 60 credits are equivalent to the 300-hour Certified Integrative Health Care Practitioner Program offered at the College of Integrative Medicine, along with the addition of required course assignments, and are broken down as follows:

300 Hours Masters Program Curriculum

25 credits

Prepare and Present (2) Case Studies

 5 credits

Write (10) Articles w/Peer Review References

 5 credits

Required Reading (250 hours)

10 credits

Final Project (Thesis)

15 credits

Total Credits


Minimum Access Requirements for Eligibility

Eligibility for enrollment in the Master of Integrative and Functional Medicine program requires a Doctorate, Bachelor of Arts, or Bachelor of Science Degree.


Recertification is required every two years by submission of one case study along with a renewal fee of $300.00. Case presentation requirements are posted on line for all students.  Graduates applying for recertification will be provided the required case presentation format via email.

Instructions for Enrollment and Registration:

  1. Enroll: To enroll in the Master Program, click the GREEN enrollment button below and follow the prompts for entering your personal and billing information. 
  2. Registration: Once you have completed the payment process, you must return to this page and click the Efhre registration link below to complete your registration on the Efhre International University website. It is helpful to have the documents listed below available electroncially for uploading to Efhre during the registration process. 
  3. Approval: It is necessary for Efhre to confirm your eligibility for the Master Program.  This process takes 24-48 hours and you will be notified via email once it is complete.
  4. Program Access:  Once your registration is approved, you are ready to begin the program!  

Efhre International University Masters Program Registration

For more information please visit the CIM Masters Program Page.  Of course, we are always here to assist you during this process!  Do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or concerns along the way.  

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